A look back on 2018

In June 2018, not a single line of code was written. We did not even have a website or an email address. Now, only seven months later, surgeons are using our software to plan, document and navigate through procedures. From a simple idea, Nodus Medical has developed into a dynamic and fast-growing start-up. This is reason enough to look back and reflect on what has happened in 2018.

A highlight of this year was certainly to see our solution in action. Nodus Medical is now used in real surgeries. This gives us confidence that we are on the right path while also providing us with insights on how to improve the software going forward. We are very grateful to all the surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff who have provided us their valuable feedback. The first tests of our software in the surgical theater were accompanied by a team from the Swiss television. You can watch the report here. If you are interested in a radio interview with one of the surgeons involved, you can listen to it here

Outside of the operating room we had the opportunity to present our solution at numerous digital health and start-up events. While this has greatly increased our visibility, it also gave us the opportunity to collaborate with leaders in the healthcare and technology industries. Also, we exchanged our ideas with thought leaders in academia on topics from voice recognition to adopting insights from aviation for surgery to ensure that our software builds on the latest results from scientific research. 

However, there were also bad news in 2018. The implant files report revealed grave quality problems in the MedTech industry. This demonstrates the importance of our mission to eliminate unnecessary complications and deaths in medicine even more. We believe that Nodus Medical can be a part of the solution by bringing attention to high-quality procedures and implants.

To end this message, we want to thank everyone for this incredible year. Especially the surgeons, nurses, researchers, investors as well as our friends and family who supported us along the way. Everyone at Nodus is thrilled for what 2019 will bring. We’re already planning the launch at major hospitals and will add exciting new functionalities – stay tuned for more!

We wish you all the best for 2019 and a merry Christmas.