Nodus Medical
Nodus Medical at the Singapore Orthopaedic Association
Our Chairman and co-founder Dr. Marc Studer, a surgeon and active fighter jet pilot, recently had the opportunity to present
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Nodus Medical meets Swiss Air Force
It is a cold cloudy day and one feels that this year’s summer is definitely coming to an end. We
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Blogpost AI
Intelligent Health – AI Summit
“Healthcare productivity has been declining since the 1980s, but AI & virtual health tools can drive more clinical care without
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F5 Fighter
Risk Management – A Rewarding Skill
On a daily basis every one of us faces situations which cause the release of stress hormones. Fortunately, most of those
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Ralph Health 2018
Health 2.018
As a partner of this year’s Health2.018 conference on digital transformation hosted by the Swiss weekly ‘Finanz & Wirtschaft’ in
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Piktochart Perspectives
Putting Things Into Perspective
At Nodus Medical we spend every waking hour trying to find new and better ways to help surgeons spend more
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Kevin Pinter – My Experience At Nodus
As a company aims for innovation enhancement reflecting existing processes is a crucial first step. This does not only apply
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NZZ: Kampfpiloten trainieren Chirurgen
In den Operationssälen wird oft wenig strukturiert gearbeitet. Das führt zu Behandlungsfehlern. Zwei Militärpiloten versuchen, dieses Problem mit Methoden aus
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Run for Charity – Nodus PM Sophie raising money for Haiti in this year‘s NYC Marathon
Hôpital Bon Samaritain (HBS), a full-service hospital with outreach programs, is situated in the river valley of Limbé, Haiti. Our
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How to improve quality in the OR – TV interview with Dr. Ralph Läubli
Watch Dr. med. Ralph Läubli talking about the courses and the philosophy behind our company. Click here to watch full
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