“Hello World” Soft Launch in Lucerne

digital surgery

On Tuesday evening, Nodus Medical invited a diverse group consisting of healthcare professionals, fighter pilots and tech enthusiasts to Lucerne, in order to present the first version of our software. Chairman Marc Studer introduced the aviation-inspired approach behind Nodus Medical and emphasized the importance of having a “shared mental picture” in the cockpit as well as in the surgery room. Additionally, the value of effective briefings and debriefings in aviation and surgery alike was highlighted. These techniques were part of a training in the morning where four surgeons were able to land a Boing 747 in a flight simulator by closely following the prescribed landing procedures and checks.

The software itself was showcased by CEO Lukas Vogt. He led the audience click by click (or voice command by voice command) through the steps of planning a surgery, navigating the procedure in the surgery room and subsequently generating reports and post-OP notes.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion with three surgeons on the future of digital assistants in the operating room. During the discussion it became clear that new technologies introduced to surgery will need to be accompanied by a cultural change in order to capture the full potential. This includes a culture were mistakes are shared in order to learn from them and best practice procedures and checks are applied thoroughly to bring the number of avoidable mistakes to a minimum.

Some of the surgeons present already used the new software the same day performing surgeries on the spine and the femur (thighbone). Especially the new voice control feature which allows for touch-free guidance through the procedure was used extensively. As we place a high emphasis on ease-of-use, feedback from all procedures was gathered to help us improve the software going forward. Lessons from the day before, where the software was used in four surgeries at the hospital in Interlaken, was already implemented for the day of the launch itself.

We are thrilled that a team from the Swiss television SRF closely followed the activates up to the Soft Launch and will air a report shortly. Stay tuned for the exact date and time!