Nodus goes Start-up Nation

Women in Digital Health

“It is a story not just of talent but of tenacity, of insatiable questioning of authority, of determined informality, combined with a unique attitude toward failure, teamwork, mission, risk, and cross-disciplinary creativity” are the words used by author Dan Senor to describe the story of Israel’s economic miracle. One of its most valuable industries has undoubtedly become the Israeli Digital Health sector with a track record of 25 years of experience, large sums of international investments and a diverse landscape of Medtech start-ups.

As a representative of the community “Women in Digital Health Switzerland” our Product Manager Sophie had the chance to present Nodus’ vision at this year’s MEDinISRAEL flagship conference in Tel Aviv. With the goal of promoting the use of transformative technology in healthcare for a brighter – healthier – future of society this event has proven to be a perfect stage to pitch Nodus to the global healthcare ecosystem.

In a session with 8 other women innovators in the field, Sophie argued for the digitalization and standardization of surgical procedures to improve quality and outcomes. Other talks of the panel covered hot topics such as AI applications in radiologic image analysis (presented by the Global General Manager for Watson Health Imaging at IBM), critically inquired about today’s difficulties start-ups face to enter partnerships with hospitals and the number’s game of spreading medical technology in India and Africa.

The presentation part was followed by an informal Israeli-style gathering and dinner full of fruitful discussions about cooperation possibilities, challenges that we face at Nodus and input on how to overcome them. Hopefully these exchanges built first bridges to future partners in Israel that will pave the way to bring Nodus also in operating rooms in some of the country’s leading hospitals – such as Sheba Medical Center, treating over 1 Million patients per year and recently ranked among the Top 10 Hospitals worldwide.

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