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Leveraging modern technology and aviation-inspired safety achievements


Founded by leading surgeons, fighter jet pilots and technology enthusiasts, we’re developing a digital assistant for surgical teams.

At Nodus Medical we believe that surgery is one of the most powerful tools in modern medicine.

Each year, roughly 400 million patients globally benefit from dramatic improvements in their quality of life thanks to modern procedures.

Unfortunately, there are an ever-increasing number of demands on surgeons’ limited time. More and more time is spent on documentation, frustrating processes across many systems, and scrambling to fix avoidable misunderstandings.

We believe that technology and new ways of collaboration can free up surgeons to once again focus on patient care. That’s why our team of leading surgeons, military pilots and technology enthusiasts founded Nodus Medical.

Inspired by aviation’s impressive efficiency and safety achievements and leveraging modern technology, we’ve built a digital assistant for surgical teams. Our assistant allows customers to benefit from technologically enabled standardization, improve collaboration in the OR, and automate tedious documentation tasks.

Surgeons can plan procedures based on a library of customizable standards, visualize a shared navigation plan for the entire OR team, and, finally, create reports with a single click.

TEAMFrom surgeons for surgeons

Our team combines unique expertise from surgeons, military pilots and experienced company builders. With a genuine understanding of the daily challenges, we’re building an assistant “from surgeons for surgeons”.